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Alcoa: Alcoa Fastening Systems serves the global aerospace, automotive, and commercial transportation markets with the most specialized engineering, highest quality, and the greatest breadth and depth of fastening system solutions in our industry.
AtlasATLAS® brand blind threaded rivets provide strong and reusable permanent threads in sheet materials where only one side is accessible.
Avdel: Avdel is a leading manufacture of blind rivets and fasteners in the automotive, aero-space and commerical industries.
blue pneumatic
Blue Pneumatic: BP is an importer of quality rivet nut and lock bolt tools.
Gesipa: Gesipa is committed to developing better blind riveting technologies. GESIPA manufactures blind rivets at 5 company factories located in the United States, Germany and England. The driving force behind GESIPA's international success has been the ongoing development of innovative products that enhance productivity through superior engineering and quality workmanship.
Marson: Marson is always thinking ahead by bringing advanced tooling innovations to market. Strong, reliable tools designed to help make the job at hand easier and ultimately, more productive.
Recoil: Recoil’s range of quality wire thread inserts enable you to produce strong, permanent threads in metals and plastics but are particularly useful for creating strong threads in softer materials such as aluminium, titanium and magnesium alloys.
Southco: Southco is the leading manufacture of drive rivets in the USA.
POP RIVET: The POP blind rivet offering includes an extensive range of rivet body styles, rivet materials, technology driven custom rivet capabilities and specialized finishes.
HUCK FASTENERS: Huck LockBolt and structural blind fasteners are designed to provide permanent, vibration-resistant, superior-quality joining solutions for use in industrial applications.

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