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Founded in 1948, Jay-Cee Sales & Rivet is celebrating 75 years of experience in the fastener industry. We’re proud to be a family business with a rich company history supplying quality, hard-to-find rivets.
Our top priority is getting you the parts you need. Even if we don’t have something in stock, our team will work closely with you to find what you’re looking for. We are large enough to manage your global needs and personal enough to support your small projects.

Leading Experts in Rivet Distribution

Jay-Cee Sales & Rivet Inc. is considered the largest in-stock supplier of rivets and special fasteners in the USA. Our 35,000 square feet facility contains over nine million pounds of rivets, rivet tools, and special fasteners!
Our extensive inventory includes everything from pop rivets, blind rivets, and rivet nuts to clevis pins, thread repair kits, lockbolts, eyelets, and rivet burrs. At Jay-Cee Sales & Rivet, we will provide any type of rivet of any size and any metal to meet the needs of our customers. Check out our line card or download our catalog to find the rivets you need or contact us today if you don’t see what you’re looking for.

Customer Testimonials

“I got the order, I am astounded at how well you take care of your customer, even the ones as small as I am.”
“About a year ago, I contacted about 100 businesses about some rivets I needed to restore an old pedal car for my son. I could not get anyone to help me out on the rivets except for you guys. I really appreciate all your help in getting me the rivets. Thanks again for all your help, and I will definitely tell people what a great company you are.” – Justin Elton
“I own a 1976 aluminum hull boat, and I have been struggling with rivet problems for three years. I finally decided to fix the rivets properly this summer, which means removing my deck, tanks, chairs, etc. I have been reluctant to do so because every person I've talked to (including the manufacturer of the boat) has claimed that it is almost pointless to try and fix the hull… Until I spoke with your associate, Jason.
He was extraordinarily helpful to the point where his knowledge and expertise even gave him the ability to address my concerns before I even mentioned them. It really takes knowledge of the product to anticipate what concerns the customer. His explanation of your product and insight into its application was invaluable. I will do whatever I can to praise your company and its employees, particularly Jason. Thank you very much, and your help is greatly appreciated, you helped me turn a leaking sieve of a boat into an enjoyable pastime again.” – Paul Eldridge

Stainless Steel & Aluminum Rivet Product Offerings


Rivets are permanent mechanical fasteners. Using multiple types of metal pins, rivets can hold together metal plates and other materials. We have blind rivets, drive rivets, and even custom rivets.

Rivet Nuts & Threaded Inserts

Rivet nuts, also called threaded inserts, are counter-bored, threaded, one-piece mechanical fasteners. We offer complete tubular rivet nut kits that contain everything you need.

Tools & Accessories

Whatever your application, we have the riveting tools and accessories you need. From hand to power tools and safety gear to rivet removal tools, check out our wide selection of tools and accessories for your riveting needs.

Thread Repair Kits – Helical Inserts & Keysets

Our wide inventory of wire thread inserts, helicals, keyserts, and other installation tools can repair damaged thread. We stock quality Recoil thread repair kits as a reliable and cost-effective alternative.

Binder Post & Chicago Screws

Binder posts, barrel nuts, and Chicago screws are available in different materials and sizes for any application. These mating fasteners are unobtrusive and low-profile while also offering a secure hold.

Clevis Pins & Cotter Pins

Clevis pins and cotter pins are often paired together to provide a more secure connection for machinery and other applications. These fasteners are inexpensive and reusable, making them a quality option for your application.

Drive Screws

Drive screws are known by many different names, like hammer drive screws or unslotted round-head screws. Designed for heavy-duty applications, their strength and durability provide quick and permanent assembly.

Eyelets, Washers & Rivet Burrs

While eyelets are mainly used for lacing purposes, washers have multiple uses as spacers, preload indicators, and more. Order high quality fasteners from Jay-Cee Sales & Rivet today.

Lockbolts & Collars

Lockbolts are permanent fasteners that are completely vibration resistant. Lockbolts offer rapid installation while also remaining tamperproof.

Threadlocker, Thread Sealants & Adhesives

Threadlocking fluid is often applied to fastener thread to prevent leaking, corrosion, and loosening. Available in both permanent and removable formulas, threadlocker is also available in sticks and tape form.

Call 888-527-4838 to Speak with the Quality Rivet People Today

Give us a call at 888-527-4838 to speak with a rivet specialist about your custom application. View our catalog of quality rivets difficult to find anywhere else.
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Jay-Cee Sales & Rivet maintains the nation’s largest in-stock inventory, supplying rivets and special fasteners since 1948!

Large enough to manage your global needs, personal enough to support your small projects.

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