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DriveGrip Anti-Cam Out Fluid DriveGrip - 15 mL

Price Each: $3.00
  • VT-47002
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47002 - Anti-Cam Out Fluid DriveGrip - 15 mL - Grey

DriveGrip is a revolutionary solution to the problem of stripped screws and worn out screw drivers. A unique product formulated by ND Industries, a single drop of DriveGrip creates a positive grip between the metal surfaces of the fastener head and the tool, increasing the grip strength by as much as 700%, preventing slippage of the driver, and virtually eliminating tool wear, rounding and deforming of fasteners. DriveGrip works great in applications where fastener heads or drivers are worn or damaged and helps solve the problem of rusted or "frozen-in-place" screws and bolts.



  • Makes removing and tightening screws a breeze
  • Eliminates the need for specially designed screwdrivers
  • Reduces fatigue that leads to injury
  • Reduces the need to drill out damaged screws
  • Prevents slippage of driver (which protects surrounding surfaces)
  • Works instantly, won't irritate skin
  • Unlimited shelflife

Use With:

  • All kinds of screwdrivers
  • Hex keys
  • Pliers
  • Channel locks
  • Vice grips
  • Open-end and box-end wrenches
Price Each: $3.00