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  • TO-TP-888-15

TP-888-15 RIVET SQUEEZER W/1-1/2 REACH, 1-1/4 GAP


Solid/Semi-tubular Rivet Squeezer 1-1/2 Reach, 1-1/4 Gap 2.5 lbs.

Max is solid 1100F Aluminum in 3/16 Diameter and 1/8 in Solid Steel

*Rivet sets and dies sold separately. You will need 2 rivet sets to operate this tool.
squeezer sets


Semi-Tubular Roll Over Squeezer Sets


Solid Head Sets for 888 Series Squeezer Tool


HEAD Squeezer Sets for Semi-Tubular Rivets



Total Price: $207.00 (207/ea)
Price Each: $207.00
  • Product Type: Hand Squeezer
  • Description: Solid rivet Semi-tubular Rivet Squeezer 1-1/2" Reach, 1-1/4" Gap

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