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Lock Bolt Tool

Huck LockForce 2025

Designed for production volume fastening, the Huck LockForce 2025 lock bolt tool includes a number of useful features, such as an ergonomically designed handle, plated piston rods and efficient in-line piston. Specialized models, such as the 2025L extended piston lock bolt tool and the 2025V with vacuum-assist pintail collector, are also available to meet your unique requirements. Multiple nose assembly options are available (see below).
All Huck 2025 series lock bolt tools provide fast installation rates (up to 35 fasteners per minute), reliability, safe operation, and long, trouble-free working life. The lightweight, ergonomic design and reduced noise (≈75dBA at 90psi) improve operator comfort for greater productivity.
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Nose Assembly Options


Nose Assembly 99-1456 - for 3/16" Magnagrips
Nose Assembly 99-3204 - for 1/4" Magnagrips
Nose Assembly 99-3003 - for 3/16" C6L Huck Bolts
Nose Assembly

99-3487  Converts this tool to a rivet tool.
Includes 3/16 & 1/4 standard nose tips.

Fastener Compatibility

All Huck 2025 series lock bolt tools are compatible with the following Huck fasteners:
  • BOM®
  • Magna-Lok®
  • Manga-Bulb®
  • Auto-Bulb®
  • Magna-Grip®
  • Hucktainer®
  • C6L®
  • C120L®

Features & Benefits of Huck Lock Bolt Tools

  • Inline piston for one-stroke installation
  • Front wiper, POLY-SEAL, and plated piston rods help extend tool life
  • Lightweight—just 5.8 lbs.
  • Ergonomic hand grip for comfortable operation
  • 360° swivel connector provides outstanding freedom of movement and minimizes hose wear
  • Low noise operation: ≈75dBA at 90psi 

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