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Battery Powered Rivet Tools for Rivet Nuts & Blind Rivets

GESIPA set the industry standard high with the introduction of their battery-powered rivet tools. Their AccuBird, FireBird, and PowerBird rivet installers provide power and performance on par with the best air or hydraulic rivet tools, while offering the freedom of battery powered portability.
Jay-Cee Sales & Rivet offers a full line of GESIPA battery powered rivet installation tools, including AccuBird, FireBird, and PowerBird models. Each tool comes in a rugged carrying case and includes a 14.4 volt battery with 110V/50Hz charger.
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Rugged, High Performance Rivet Installation Tools

Nose tips are built into each GESIPA battery powered rivet tool; a tip removal wrench is included for quick changeovers to set up the tool for four (4) different rivet diameters. With 1,900 pounds of pulling force, the AccuBird can easily handle rivets up to 3/16” in diameter. The PowerBird’s 2,900 pounds of pulling force is ideal for 1/4” diameter rivet applications, including many structural blind rivets. The portable FireBird rivet nut tool is specially designed for installing blind rivet nuts.

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