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SR-1 RIVETER Capacity: 3/32" - 3/16" All Materials alloys Air Hydraulic

Price Each: $280.00
  • MP-3V
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Air/Hydraulic Riveter SR-1

Stroke: .787
Pulling Force: 1,800 lbs.
Capacity: 3/32” – 3/16”
All Materials




  • Description: SR-1 BLIND RIVET TOOL Capacity: 3/32“ 3/16 All Materials
  • Tool Type: Power Blind Rivet Tool
Price Each: $280.00
This newly designed light-duty air/hydraulic riveter is Ergonomically designed with the professional in mind. The Light weight, well balanced SR-1 includes Vacuum system and design to maximize stroke and pull force with a 3 jaw setup to get the job done. Direct connect or use the attached swivel for operator convenience. Each tool is supplied with nosepieces to set 3/32- 3/16 rivets in all alloys. Includes adjustment service wrenches, hydraulic fluid, fluid applicator, spare jaws and a removable swivel air connection line with air off/on valve built in. An adjustable Vacuum System control located inside the mandrel collection bottle allows you control the force of the air needed to hold the rivet in place or you may operate with the vacuum system turned off.  Recommended air pressure is 60-95 PSI. Weight: 2.9 lbs