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The BP-82E Lockbolt All-In-One installs Huck and Avdel Lockbolts. This tool uses 5500 lbs. of pulling force to install Magnagrip and Maxlok pin and collar fasteners. The BP-82E sets 3/16 and 1/4 lockbolts, which includes Huck C6L and Magnagrip and Avdel Cherry Texron Avdelok and Maxlok. This Huck tool converts to pull 3/16 and 1/4 blind rivets. The generous 7/8 stroke sets up to 1/4 structural rivets, many in just one stroke.

This lock bolt tool is ideal for many truck and trailer repair applications. It is also designed to install the C98LT stainless steel polished Huck bolts used on the
Peterbilt Truck Cab grills. This style of tool is often referred to as a Huck tool. Also included are wrenches for service and oil applicator. Recommended operating air pressure is 85-110 psi. Weight 6.5 lbs.

Available Nose Assemblies:

Blind Rivet Nose Assembly 
3/16 C6L (and C98LT polished stainless) Nose Assembly 
1/4 C6L Nose Assembly 
3/16 Magnagrip Nose Assembly
1/4 Magnagrip Nose Assembly 

Available Nose Assemlies:
3/16 Magnagrip Nose Assembly (6" long) 
1/4 Magnagrip Nose Assembly (6" long) 
3/16 C6L (and C98LT polished stainless)
Nose Assembly (6" long) 
1/4 C6L Nose Assembly (6" long) 

*6” Nose Assembly available by special order.

Total Price: $1,632.00 (1632/ea)
Price Each: $1,632.00

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