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  • Not Ribbed Flat Head Steel Rivet Nuts

Flat Head Steel Rivet Nuts (Not Ribbed)

Zinc-plated steel rivet nut flat head nutserts are one-piece, internally threaded fasteners that are used to connect different types of metal and tubing products. Steel rivet nuts are designed to work by placing the steel rivnut in a pre-drilled hole. A rivet tool is then utilized to retract the unthreaded portion of the flat head steel rivet nut. The threaded portion of the nut then becomes fixed within the pre-drilled hole. In addition, these flat head rivet nuts are not ribbed and have a standard size head.
Jay-Cee Sales & Rivet, Inc. provides threaded flat head rivet nuts in numerous dimensions, depending on your specific project needs. These specialized rivet nuts feature increased torque strength, extreme vibration resistance, and can be installed into galvanized or pre-painted materials without damaging surface finishes. These advantages along with a simple, no-hassle installation process, can save time and money over other methods. Since no special preparation is required, flat head steel rivet nuts are revered for their structural reliability; a drilled or punched hole is all that is required for immediate installation. At Jay-Cee Sales & Rivet, we are your premium steel rivet nuts suppliers. We provide you with advanced quality steel rivnuts at the industry’s lowest prices.
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Beneficial Qualities of Steel Rivet Nut Flat head Nutserts

There are a wide range of advantages associated with the use of flat head rivet nuts. They can be used for numerous applications where high strength, corrosion resistance and vibration control are a necessity. Threaded flat head rivet nuts are commonly used over standard rivet fasteners for applications that require a secure fit that will stand the test of time. Some of the advanced benefits of steel rivet nut flat head nutserts, include:
  • Can be used as a rivet or a nut, depending on application needs.
  • Installation can occur before or after a finish is applied to the material.
  • Blind installation can occur with plastic, metal and tubular material applications.
  • Due to its balanced shape, steel rivet nuts are ideal for automated assembly applications.
  • Installs into several different types of material thicknesses.
  • Worker and environmentally friendly installation process
In addition, these advanced quality large flanged zinc-plated steel rivet nuts are available in a variety of sizes and styles for your project specification needs.

Flat head Rivet Nut Options

At Jay-Cee Sales & Rivet, we offer flat head rivet nuts in numerous lengths and diameters, depending on your specific application needs. In addition, the diameter of the rivets being used should match the diameter of your pre-drilled holes, while supplying enough length for your part or material thickness. View our steel rivnut options below for your specific project needs.

Thread Size

  • 6-32
  • 8-32
  • 10-24
  • 10-32
  • 1/4-20
  • 5/16-18
  • 3/8-16

Grip Range

  • Minimum: 0.010-0.075mm
  • Maximum: .200-0.285mm


  • Minimum: 0.438
  • Maximum: 1.031

Hole Size

  • 0.189

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