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Aluminum Oval / Truss Head Rivets

Aluminum semi-tubular rivets are a hollow, tube-shaped body, also referred to as the “tail.” When installed, a hammer and rivet tool are used to roll the body of the rivet into a mushroom shape to join two pieces together. Aluminum semi-tubular rivets are lightweight and ideal for various industrial applications. They can also be used in metal applications as an alternative to welding.
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How to Install Semi-Tubular Rivets

Rivets can only be installed into pre-drilled holes, so the first step is to mark your workpiece and drill holes every few inches along the areas where the parts will be joined. After drilling is complete, clamp the pieces together to make sure they are properly aligned and to prevent them from moving, then slide an aluminum tubular rivet into one of the holes.

Since they are small and hollow, semi-tubular rivets can be installed by hand or with a rivet tool. To use a rivet gun, secure the head of the rivet against one side of the material. Once the rivet is securely in place, have someone on the other side of the workpiece hold a bucking bar against the tail as you press the rivet gun. The force created by the tool will deform the tail, securing the rivet into place.  Another tool used for aluminum tubular rivet installation is a hand rivet squeezer, which holds the rivet in place and compresses the rivet body as you squeeze the handle.

You can also install aluminum tubular rivets by holding the head of the rivet securely against the workpiece, then use a hammer to deform the rivet tail until it sits flush against the material. Whichever method you choose, always make sure you inspect your rivets after installation and adjust any that are not properly secured.

Semi-tubular rivets require access to both sides of the workpiece for installation. For applications where you only have access to one side of your workpiece, blind rivets are an excellent alternative.

Aluminum Semi-Tubular Rivets Options

We offer aluminum tubular rivets in three head styles with a range of body and head diameters. The length of the rivet is measured from the underside of the rivet head to the end of the body. To determine the correct length for your application, you need to add the measurement of your material thickness and cinch allowance of your application.

View our aluminum semi-tubular rivet catalog pages to learn more about product dimensions, length tolerances and other technical data. 

Head Styles
  • Flat head
  • Oval head
  • Truss head 
Body Diameter
  • 1/16”
  • 1/8”
  • 9/64”
  • 5/32”
  • 3/16”
  • 1/4”
  • 5/16”
  • 3/32”
Head Diameter
  • Minimum: 7/64”
  • Maximum: 1/2”
  • Minimum: 1/16”
  • Maximum: 2-15/16”

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