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Steel Oval / Truss Head Rivets

Steel tubular rivets are similar to solid steel rivets with the exception that they have a hollowed tip at the end of the body, and therefore require less force for installation.  Tubular rivets are used to permanently join two materials and can be installed by hand with a manual squeezer or with a rivet gun. Steel semi-tubular rivets only swell at the tail, making them ideal for installation along pivot points. They are used for a range of industrial applications including automotive and HVAC.

Jay-Cee Sales & Rivet, Inc. provides a wide range of steel semi-tubular rivets in plain finish and zinc plated finish options to meet your application requirements. Zinc plated steel tubular rivets feature the strength and durability of steel, with the added benefit of resistance to oxidation.

Request a quote for steel tubular rivets or contact us for additional information. For applications where you only have access to one side of the work material, we also provide blind rivets in a range of materials, sizes and styles.
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Selecting Steel Semi Tubular Rivets in the Correct Size and Style

Selecting a rivet that is sufficient in length for your material thickness is critical. To calculate the appropriate length, add the material thickness to the cinch allowance (the length of rivet material required to roll over to create a secure attachment) then specify the rivet length to the nearest fraction. The length of the rivet is measured from the underside of the rivet head to the end of the body.

Head style is another consideration when selecting a steel tubular rivet. A flat head tubular rivet will sit closer to the surface after installation than an oval, pan or truss head. If drag, wind resistance or interference with moving components is a concern, a flat head steel tubular rivet might be the best option. 

The diameter of the tubular rivet is also important, and selection should be determined based on the size of your pre-drilled holes. A rivet that is too narrow will not provide a secure hold and is likely to become detached from the material. In addition to body diameter, the head diameter of your rivet should be wider than the pre-drilled holes to prevent the rivet from becoming dislodged after installation.

Steel Tubular Rivet Size and Material Options

Body Diameter
  • Minimum: 1/16”
  • Maximum: 3/8”
  • Minimum: 1/16”
  • Maximum: 2-7/8”
Head Diameter
  • Minimum: 5/64”
  • Maximum: 23/32”
Head Style
  • Flat head
  • Oval head
  • Pan head
  • Truss head
  • Steel plain finish tubular rivets 
  • Steel zinc plated tubular rivets  
Read our semi-tubular rivet data sheet for additional sizing details as well as length tolerances and other technical information.

Request a Quote for Steel Semi-Tubular Rivets

Request a quote for steel tubular rivets or place your order online. Contact us for additional product information or to learn more about our various styles of rivets and other fasteners.

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